Why Real Life is Better than Chick Flicks-MainPhoto
From time to time, many of us love to spend an evening parked on the couch, watching chick flicks. We relate to the heroine, rejoicing when she meets a man and even suffering a bit when the romance seems to go down the drain. But we keep watching because we know that a happy ending is coming up and we will go to bed still believing that true love conquers all.

The problem is that romantic movies can be depressing for those of us who happen to be struggling in the love department. You wonder how come the heroine gets to bump into a wonderful man in the supermarket while you’ve had ten disastrous blind dates in the last two months? Or, how do they manage to always look gorgeous and put together even if they are feeling miserable because they just got dumped?

Surely sometimes, you have wished your life was like a movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Lopez. But think twice. There are many things that happen in romantic comedies that you would definitely not want to happen in real life. Let’s take a look.

Calling Off the Wedding
This scene is a classic! She’s about to walk down the aisle on “the happiest day of her life,” but the truth is she’s not sure she really loves him or whether she loves her freedom more. So when she’s standing before the priest, beside her future husband, with all the guests staring at her, the bride runs away. Can you imagine if you did this in real life, after all the time, energy and money that it takes to organizing a wedding? Perhaps you might feel relieved, but think of the guilt and embarrassment, plus all those wedding gifts to return. Not fun!

The Mad Dash
She realizes that her boyfriend is the love of her life and runs to the airport to tell him I love you! before he boards that plane. This scene is a must for many romantic comedies. Of course, she always gets there in time to meet him before the plane—that would separate them forever—takes off. But, let’s be realistic. In real life, chances are you wouldn’t even make it through security before he’s off the ground and flirting with the flight attendant.

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The Romantic Climax
He interrupts her crucial business meeting to get down on one knee and propose, then sweeps her up in his arms and carries her out of the board room. In fiction, this may be the most romantic scene ever. But if your boyfriend dared to weaken your position or distract you in front of your partners or investors, potentially ruining your career, you would probably tell him to go to hell, right?

The Meddling Parents
Having a father who hates your fiance, or a future mother-in-law competing with you for her son’s affection is a funny scenario on film, but a nightmare in real life. The rifts between loved ones, the taking of sides—ugh! It’s a recipe for family disaster if there ever was one.

The “Perfect” Guy
He’s the typical Mr. Right; a successful doctor or lawyer, a good cook, a great lover, a millionaire, charming, sensitive…and crazy about her! Yes, it happens in movies and novels. In real life, a man like that is likely to be gay or have a dark side that you’ll soon come to know and seek a restraining order against.

The Flip-Flop
The heroine may be a die-hard single and owner of a hugely successful company. But as soon as The One comes to interrupt her decisive meeting to ask her to become his wife and the mother of his children, she changes her mind and, along with it, ditches her entire set of goals, ideals, and aspirations. As if by magic! If you have to give up everything that’s important to you just to be with a guy, he’s probably not your real Mr. Right.

See? Life in chick flicks isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Your real life, as challenging as it may be, is actually better in many ways than all those romantic comedies and dramas. Sure, the designer wardrobes are nice, but the rest? Better leave it in the DVD player.