Why not make your own Christmas cards to sustain the environment and save money?

When I was a full-time television reporter, I had hundreds of business contacts. These were people who I had to put on my Christmas list. So one year, I decided I needed about 200 Christmas cards to send out to my contacts, friends and family. I wanted something special; a card that would stand out from all the other cards they would receive.

I know, 200 cards sounds crazy and expensive. Well, not really, because I realized it was cheaper to make my own with blank cards and some ribbon. I quickly realized I could make about 25 in one hour, a little longer than it took me to make my Christmas wreath using plastic sandwich bags. Oh sure, I know you could send a holiday card or letter via email or even text message, but nothing beats a handmade card to say I care.

I also know that I could easily get one made with the family with a photo, but now my business contacts and friends say they look forward in seeing what I create every year. I like that extra personal touch—and so will your recipients. If you haven’t sent out cards, there’s still time to make and mail them. And if they arrive a little late, the recipient will understand once they know you made it especially for them.

Watch our video and see how easy it is to make a card. Then take the idea and get really creative and put your own signature look on your cards. Get the kids in on the fun, too!



Now it’s your turn to make your own. You can find the supplies for the handmade card at any craft store. You can also scour the dollar bins at Target. Don’t worry if you buy too many, as leftover supplies can be used for future projects!

Quick and Easy Christmas Cards: Make Today, Send Tomorrow

  • Blank Cards: Buy them at any craft store. There are usually 50 in a pack for about $6.00 (You could also make your own by folding paper and making your own envelopes, but for the sake of time, the pack are quick and easy and come with matching envelopes.)
  • Roll of Christmas Ribbon: Craft stories sell these for $1.00-$3.00
  • Scissors
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Rubber Stamp
  • Ink for Rubber Stamp

Make your cards today and send them out tomorrow. Happy Holidays!

Rebecca Aguilar is the founder of Wise Latinas Linked. She’s also a blogger on crafts.