Push Presents Not Just for Hollywood Moms!-MainPhoto

Push Presents Not Just for Hollywood Moms!-MainPhoto

Not so long ago, the birth of your child was considered a gift unto itself. It seems those days are now passé. After 9 months of carrying a child, coupled with morning sickness and sleepless nights, the new mami now deserves a little something special. That’s why many dads are shopping for ‘push presents’ for their partners, to celebrate the birth of their child with style and a little bling.

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If the term doesn’t ring a bell, push presents are any type of gift a partner gives to a woman who has recently given birth to a child. The tradition of gift-giving to commemorate a birth has long roots stemming from England and India, but didn’t become known in the U.S. until about 1992. Although the term push present has been around for over 20 years, the idea has grown in popularity since about 2011. We can pretty much thank the Hollywood set for this trend. Although there are no real guidelines to push presents, jewelry seems to be the most popular gift to honor and celebrate this huge life changing moment and rite of passage for a woman.

Big name celebrities like Jay-Z, who gifted Beyoncé with a flashy 8+ kt. cushion brilliant blue tanzanite ring, and Nick Cannon, who presented Mariah Carey with a 4-carat diamond and sapphire necklace emblazoned with her twins’ names, both opted for unique jewelry pieces for their favorite new moms. We’re guessing that blue is the new black according to these famous husbands. Kanye West chose to give Kim Kardashian a rare black and tiger-stripe diamond ring that he had designed for her months before the baby arrived. After all, nothing but the most extraordinary is apropos for a Kardashian, right?

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe proved diamonds are a girl’s best friend when she received a Neil Lane 10 kt. cushion-cut diamond ring for the birth of her son, Skyler. Kristin Cavallari revealed that she received a grey Hermès Birkin bag from husband Jay Cutler after she gave birth to their first child. I think most women would agree that if it’s not a diamond, Hermès is the next best thing. Push presents aren’t only for the Hollywood elite, a royal push present was given to Kate from Prince William for the birth of George. Prince William was reported to have helped design a diamond brooch for the event.

Just remember the idea of a push present is to commemorate the monumental occasion of childbirth and celebrate the incredible new little person in your life. With a little bit of thought and attention you can find an amazing gift that will stand the test of time and remain a precious symbol of the birth of your child as they grow. Not sure what to get your favorite mom-to-be? Here are a few ideas for the star mami in your life, offered by Brilliance.

Push Presents Not Just for Hollywood Moms!-Photo2

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