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“What if something bad happens, what are you going to do?” Camille McDermott asks the teenage girls who sit around a table listening to her. McDermott is a Dallas Police Officer; she’s there to give the girls the safety tips they’ll need for prom night.

Officer McDermott, who happens to be Cindy’s best friend, rattles off a list: “Make sure you have a charged cellphone, make sure you know where you’re at, write it down in your purse somewhere.  Keep an eye on your purse and drinks.”

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  1. Dr. Tanginika Cuascud
    Dr. Tanginika Cuascud says:

    Great job, Cindy!!! I am so proud of you for this initiative! I donated all my dresses a few years ago for our LIP students because I know how important it is to enjoy the prom night. The prom is a night that will never come back and it symbolizes the culmination of an important part of a person’s life and education. No girl should have to choose not to go to her prom because she lacks a dress. Gracias, Rebecca, for writing about this great initiative!

  2. Joan Joplin Davis
    Joan Joplin Davis says:

    This was a great article! Wanting to donate a dress to this amazing cause! Thanks Rebecca for a wonderful article! Please let me know how I can donate for this year!


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