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Herrera-Tips for Pressure Cooking-Photo2TIPS ON SAFETY & ERASING THE FEAR
If you’ve never used one, fret not! I’m very familiar with the common fear of an accidental mess. If you consider most accidents with vintage pressure cookers happen as a result of user error like opening the lid without all the pressure being released and prematurely releasing pressure by messing with the toggle/valve in an erroneous manner, then you are two steps ahead when it comes to properly using one. The way to go with this cooking method is to try a modern one. They are just as pretty, efficient, and do the job. They are fully equipped with safety measures, quelling all preconceived fears. All of them come with special valves and locks. Some won’t even open until the pressure is released to 0 PSI—a good thing for the curious type. And most notable, most don’t have regulators, which eliminate the possibility of a bean splatter! Unlike older models, new ones will let you know the desired pressure is achieved when the valve quietly shoots up. If you’re acquainted with them, then you probably remember the hissing sound of the jiggler as abuelita made frijoles.

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