9. Touch Therapy
Moments before bedtime are perfect for snuggling. If your baby experiences separation anxiety at bedtime, you might be able to comfort them preemptively by spending a good amount of time hugging or stroking your child during a last feeding or story time. If they still crave that contact, rhythmically patting your baby in his sleeping area may help. Remember to slow the patting down until you subtly stop to avoid startling your baby awake again.


10. Aromas
Lavender and ylang-ylang are reputed to be conducive to relaxation. You’ll find some specially formulated baby products with these scents on the market or you can make your own room aromatherapy by adding essential oil to a lamp diffuser or a light bulb. Keeping a lavender sachet near your changing area can also help introduce the sleep-signaling scent as you secure the last Pampers Baby Dry diaper of the day on your little one right before going to sleep.