15-Popular-Baby-Names-that-Are-Even-More-Cray-Cray-than-Saint-Photo2Trying out various pacifying techniques with your little one will allow you to formulate effective and tranquil bedtime cues that will help everyone in the home fall asleep easily and stay asleep. A good rule of thumb while auditioning bedtime rituals is to imagine doing the same thing every night for months and make sure it’s sustainable and soothing to you as well. The essential steps of getting your baby ready for bed, such as dressing her in soft pajamas and trusting Pampers Baby Dry to keep her dry and comfortable all night, are the keystone moments to help you build a smooth and joyful routine for a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. The rituals that you add on to those basic steps can help you create your perfectly personalized bedtime routine. The following 12 homegrown tips are great ways to slow everything down for your baby before she goes to sleep.