Valentine’s Day looms. Oh, that day when lovers have dinner together at fancy restaurants and give each other mushy gifts. Despite its commercial aspects, El Día de Los Enamorados is a date that arouses a twinge of longing in the hearts of many single people. But I like to think that Valentine’s Day is just like any other day, whether you’re in love or not. And sometimes, the freedom of being single feels a lot more lovely than a romantic date one night of the year.

Yes, being single means missing the cuddles, the romantic gestures, the come hither looks in a dimly-lit restaurant…especially on Valentine’s Day. But the truth is, life without a partner is full of pleasures that I wouldn’t give up, because they´re worth more to me than a bouquet of roses on February 14.

After consulting many of my girlfriends, I have compiled a list of the best moments in the life of a single woman. Print it out so you can read it on a sad day (or on Valentine’s Day, if need be), because it will make you smile and help you appreciate that every moment of life has its positive side. Also, remember that if your single life is fabulous, chances are you will meet someone just as fabulous and you two will be linked by love—not by necessity or desperation.

1. Having a light salad or a simple sandwich for dinner on the couch after the kids have gone to bed, with the remote control obeying your every command. Being able to choose what do you want to watch—with nobody complaining about your choices—even if it’s a silly comedy or a reality show that you would never publicly admit to watching.

2. Wearing old sweatpants or a flannel dressing gown with your hair up in a scrunchie at home. That is, being comfortable without having to worry about your man missing the casual-chic, daytime version of you.

3. Getting ready for a night on the town without having to match your bra to your underwear every time. This also means being free to wear those granny panties that you keep for your “bloated days”—the type that would delight the Bridget Jones’ among us.

4. Not waxing or shaving obsessively. A real relief for those of us whose Latina roots (pun intended) turn hair removal into a constant pain (only comparable to household chores, because as soon as you finish, it seems as though you have to start all over again).

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5. Having self-help books on the shelf (including those on “How to find the man of your dreams” or “Get rid of your toxic ex-boyfriend once and for all”) and reading them as you please. For example, while you’re lying on the couch in your flannel dressing gown with your cat peacefully sleeping on your lap. 

6. Spending hours glamming up for a special date, trying on all your clothes, while sipping a glass of wine with your BFF and listening to your old CDs. Catching the twinkle in his eye when he looks at you, since he thankfully skipped the whole process of your getting ready for him, and sees only the glamorous result.

7. Leaving the kids at grandma’s and prepping a romantic dinner for two. Ah, the joys of cooking for your new date and waiting for him to arrive, after lighting candles, putting on your best perfume and hiding the dirty laundry in the closet. Creating an intimate atmosphere and wearing high heels at home is so exciting…from time to time!

8. Spending a whole day (or the whole weekend) unshowered, wearing your pajamas way past noon, reading a trashy novel, not having to talk to anyone and of course not having to explain your quirks.

9. Having the whole bed to yourself (and maybe your kids or pets) and sleeping without being disturbed by a guy’s snoring and blanket stealing.

10. In short, enjoying the pleasure of doing exactly what you please, when you please without having to negotiate or discuss the details of your existence with someone else each and every day.

Yes, some may argue that having a partner also brings a set of pleasures of its own and it’s true. But, for the time being, single ladies, let’s bask in our freedom and the pleasures of having to deal only with the most amazing person we know: Ourselves!