While it’s great to focus on the positive side of life, as a single woman, it’s important to have a network and a plan in place for those times when things don’t go according to plan. Here are three apps to help you stay safe, monitor your kids, and get the help you need in emergency situations.

Circle of 6 (Personal Safety): Sometimes, when things go wrong, you need something a little more proactive and personal than 911. Circle of 6 is a great “staying safe” app for women, that helps you create a social support structure to prevent violence and, in the event that something happens, quickly get the appropriate help. From asking a friend to call you to “interrupt” a bad date, to sending a blast to your 6 primary friends with your immediate contact information, and even calling the cops or a national help hotline at the push of a button, Circle of 6 is a quick way to get the help you need, wherever you are.

MamaBear (Child-Monitoring App): For any parent, it’s not always easy to keep track of where your kids are and what they’re doing. For single moms, this can be even more difficult. MamaBear is a customizable app for parents that will help you with everything from finding your kids on a map, to knowing who they’re hanging out with, and even if they’re speeding. It also lets you track them across social networks.

ICE Standard with Smart911: Imagine that you’re in a car accident or a disaster scenario and you’re unconscious, or unable to speak to emergency responders. Let your cell phone do the talking for you with ICE Standard, the number one emergency information app on iTunes. This app turns your phone’s lock screen into your emergency contact information, and can even include personal and medical information so you can be identified in the event of an emergency.

Jennifer L. Jacobson is the founder of Jacobson Communication and a Silicon Valley leader known for helping great companies, organizations, and ideas get the attention they deserve. This article originally appeared in CreditSesame.com.