Staying active is an important part of single women’s lives. Here are three apps to help you stay mentally sharp, physically fit, and well-informed.

Lumosity (Brain Fitness App): While it may be tempting to check out your favorite social network the next time you have a free minute with your phone, consider Lumosity, the free app designed to help you work out your brain. Improving memory, problem-solving abilities, and attention span, Lumosity’s challenges are scientifically created to give your brain a workout that feels like fun.

7 Minute Workout Challenge (Workout App): Since going to the gym on a regular basis can be a daunting commitment, try this simple, 7 Minute Workout Challenge app ($1.99). The app features 12 high-intensity exercises designed to maximize results in a small amount of time. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket.

Kindle (Reading App): The Kindle reading app lets you buy a book or magazine once and read it anywhere. The app works on just about any device, and lets you highlight and bookmark key passages.