From locating key services around you, to finding a cab in a crowded city, or even conversing in another language, here are three apps to help you as you’re out and about.

AroundMe (Location App): Sometimes it’s nice to know where the nearest bank, gas station, theater, or hotel is. AroundMe is a great app for helping you quickly find what you’re looking for, so you can get on with your day.

cab4me (Transportation App): Have you ever wanted to hail a cab, without the inconvenience of standing on a corner, waving your arms like a princess in peril? Cab4me is a free app that helps you locate a nearby cab and coordinate your pickup time and location. The app works with cab companies in its database, and even runs an online search for you, if you happen to be in an area not yet covered.

Google Translate (Language Translation App): This free, instant translation service can help you quickly communicate wherever, with whomever. Whether you want to speak, type, or write in any of its 70 languages, this app breaks through communication barriers, and it’s a must-have for travelers.