Use a Tripod
Taking a good photo of your pet takes time, and many (many) tries. Which means you could be doing this for a while if you really want to get it right. Aside from the fact that your arm will get tired, your photos will also be inconsistent if you simply hold the camera, because every shot will be from a slightly different angle or position. That’s fine some of the time, but using a tripod is a great way to maintain some stability of your photos and free your hands up to actually tend to your pet until they are ready for their close up.

Be Playful
Some of the best pet photos aren’t formal portraits, but rather playful action shots of your pet doing what pets do best. According to professional photographer Gary Parker, the trick to creating amazing pooch portraits is to remember that the photos “should nail the character, personality, athleticism, and pure beauty of the subject.” Capture them running, chasing toys, leaping into the air, eating a snack, rolling around and just being cuddly and cute—sometimes those photos are the ones you love most and the ones that will best represent your furry friend.