Find Good Natural Light
Like any photography, natural light is a key ingredient to a beautiful photo. Aside from the fact that natural light looks gorgeous, it also means you won’t have to use a flash, and sometimes a flash can frighten your pet, distract them, and create a red-eye effect, which is a pain to correct.

Enlist Some Help
For some pets less is more; the fewer people you have around to distract them the better and the more likely you’ll be to get a great shot. But some pets need a little more TLC and attention, and you can’t do that while also being a photographer. Ask for help. Grab a friend or family member who loves pets like you do and who has a knack for putting your pet at ease. They can help hold up the toys or treats to get your pet’s attention (more on that below), they can adjust your pet’s hair (don’t be ashamed we all do it) and they can just be an extra set of hands when you or your pet needs it.

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