And after all they do for us, doesn’t it seem appropriate that they have some prime retail space in our photo albums and social media pages? The same way that people love to flaunt photos of their kids, people freak out over cute photos of their pets. And rightfully so. Have you seen The Dogist account on Instagram, or the famous book inspired by those posts? Perfectly captured pet portraits are more than just precious, they are uplifting, sweet and can make you smile even on your worst day.

But it’s not always easy to take your pet’s portrait. After all, pets don’t exactly sit still and say cheese, and they can’t really be reasoned with in the same that that an adult can be. Toddlers can be distracted, manipulated and quite frankly, bribed when you need to take a good photo. But pets? Not so much. A little treat only goes so far, and sometimes it’s a real struggle to get the perfect pet photo. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Here are some tips on pet photography to help you take the perfect pet portrait like a pro.