perfect nails
Also known as artificial nails, acrylics are one of the easiest ways to get a perfect 10. A nail tip is glued to the already existing natural nail, then an acrylic substance is applied over the entire nail. After forming, shaping, buffing, painting, and drying—an hour later you have your full set of nails! Sounds easy enough, but maintenance is key. Depending on where you live, a full set of nails can cost anywhere from $30 and up. If your nails grow fast, expect to be be at a nail salon every 2-3 weeks getting a “fill”.  If done right, you have strong worry-free nails for a few weeks. There are horror stories of nails not done correctly. This can lead to bacterial infections and fungus growth. Also, if you decide to go back to being au naturelle removing the acrylics can cause damage to your real nails.