13. Let them rebel a little.
Some rebellious behaviors are more permanent or dangerous than others. Tattoos are forever, so we get it if you’re hesitant to hop on board and take them to the tattoo parlor. But let them be a little devious from time to time. If your daughter wants to dye her hair pink, go with her and find a temporary dye that you can wash out next week. Your job is to ensure your kids are safe and they don’t do anything harmful to themselves or to someone else.

14. Let them mess up and be there when they fail.
Don’t set your kids up to fail, but allow them to fail from time to time. You never want to be the reason your kids are disappointed in themselves, but you can’t be so overprotective that they never experience a letdown. Some of the most important lessons in life come from failure rather than success.

15. Let them struggle, and help them grow stronger from their struggles.
Are we telling you to watch your kids suffer? Of course not. But it is OK to let your kids try to work through their own obstacles so they can learn and grow stronger as they overcome. As much as you might want to, you can’t fix everything for them, and one of the best things you can do as a parent and friend to your kids is let them learn a few good lessons the hard way. And as always, be there whether they succeed or fail.