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7 Reasons Why Expressive Body Art Can Be Positive Role Modeling

Many people are choosing to express themselves through body art, and parents’ body art is creating new opportunities for teachable moments about being unique. A recent Huff Post piece reported that: “more people are getting inked, and the generation leading the pack is millennials–the 18-to-29 year olds–in a trend that is keeping tattoo shops busy […]


5 Threats Your Teen Faces

Some things about being a teenager never change: heartbreak over a first love, learning to drive, searching for a college. But today’s teens face new challenges we never had to deal with. So what does the parent of a millennial need to do to keep their teen safe? Here, we share 5 threats your teen […]


305 Rise to Empower Young Latinos in Miami

Six Latino college students who attended a leadership program at Harvard College returned to Miami with an idea. They decided to found a group, 305 Rise, devoted to help minority students become better prepared for college. The students had been part of the 2011 Miami Dade Cohort of the Harvard Latino Leadership Initiative. After their […]


Daniel Newell: Helping Latinos Land Silicon Valley Jobs

Latinos on the Rise: Bringing you the coolest, trendiest and fastest emerging people in fashion, food, art, business, politics and more. The people to watch out for. The ones who fearlessly strike from the pack and make us all proud. Elections are over and we can now officially add Mitt Romney to our long list […]


Latina Optimism Can Save America

My family and I were recently driving past a row of stately homes on the Connecticut shore. Now and then, my husband and I would comment on the architectural details we liked, like eaves, fish scale shingles, and fairy-tale turrets. In the back seat, my 17 year old step-daughter sighed and said, “Looking at these […]