These don’t seem to be issues that would plague celebrities who appear weeks after giving birth with svelte bodies and every hair in place. Their image is part of their job. And often, celebrities have support teams that are different than ours—not just partners, but trainers, stylists, nannies, chefs, and housekeepers. To hear Alba tell it, all it took was a little bit of yoga, a little bit of workout time with a girlfriend, and some “sort of” healthy eating. To say that’s not the case for every woman is an understatement that borders on the ridiculous. “There is just so much stress when you have little ones,” laments Pam. “Food for me has been a comfort fix. There’s also the PPD (Post-Partum Depression) angle… when you have the baby blues and are already a little overweight, the incentive for dieting and exercise is not always there.”