1. CaJohn’s El Chupacabra
It’s not just the name of the Puerto Rican mythical monster we love, or its cartoonish label, but we love the fact that when you first eat this sauce you’re like “this isn’t spicy.” Then before you know it, the Chupacabra comes out to bite you in the…. Ingredients include Scotch bonnet and Trinidad scorpion peppers.

2. Cholula 
Maybe this staple has the best hot sauce recipe? Rated by Epicurious as the Best Hot Sauce Overall, the Jalisco, Mexico-born Cholula contains a mixture of pequin (seven times hotter than a jalapeño!), arbol peppers, salt, vinegar, “spices,” and good ol’ xanthan gum. The serene-looking señora on the label has not eaten this fire sauce.