Though eating too much can cause heartburn, it’s not all that bad in moderation. In fact, John McQuaid, author of Tasty: The Art and Science of What We Eat, told the Huffington Post, that the effect of chili-based hot sauces are actually great for the metabolism. “Eating a lot of chilies modestly boosts metabolism, burning calories faster and helping in dieting and weight loss. In some studies, it has helped satisfy the appetite quickly, so people eat less…[and in other] experiments, eating chilies reduces blood sugar. Chili heat taps into the body’s heat and metabolic regulation systems in ways scientists are only starting to grapple with.” Here are 15 sauces the world is hot for and that are our favorite at the moment as well. When experimenting with these at home, remember that eating yogurt in between tastings will help calm the fire blazing inside your mouth.