Q&A with Oribe Canales-MainPhoto

Q&A with Oribe Canales-MainPhoto

Everybody’s favorite hair guru, the amazing Cuban American Oribe Canales, is famous enough to go only by Oribe. With too many Vogue covers to count and a growing, crazy-successful hair care line, the 57-year-old Miami-based wiz has no plans to slow down. Recently, however, he managed to stop long enough for a chat about getting sexy, beautiful, holiday-ready hair.

Q: What makes the holidays different, hair-wise?
A: The holidays are a great time to have fun with your hair. It’s a happy time. A special time. A great time to experiment with your hair and change your look. Latinas have so much confidence and style. They know what looks good on them and they find products to do what they want.

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Q&A with Oribe Canales-Photo2Q: Before we get glam, we have to get healthy. How does cold weather affect our hair?
A: Cold and hot weather have similar problems, especially for Latinas, many of whom have waves and curls. Indoor heating and outdoor heat both dry out hair, creating flyaways and a different kind of frizz, making it hard to get the texture right. Royal Blowout helps when doing your blow-out. For volume, especially at the crown, go with Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse. You can also use a combination of Dry Texturizing Spray for the roots, to give fullness after your blow-out, which heals the hair by conditioning it as you’re styling it, and Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray on the ends to piece it out afterward. It’ll look modern and cool.

Q: Best tip for reviving dull, dehydrated locks?
A: Healthy hair reflects light. A great, weightless topical product for all hair types is Shine Light Reflecting Spray. It gives back some of the moisture and luster your hair lacks. Spray it on your brush and pull it through the hair shaft to blow out. That way you’re healing  your hair as you’re styling it. Or use it as a finishing product for silkiness and fantastic shine. Supershine is stronger. It’s a leave-in conditioner for thicker, longer hair. Whatever your hair type, remember that hair is like fabric. Be kind to it. Everyone can always use a weekly masque.

Q: How can we get super-straight shiny hair, like Cher’s?
A: Gold Lust. It’s more of an oil that won’t make hair look dirty or greasy. You can use it in every way once you get it into your hands. It has a little bit of silicone to make hair silky and weigh hair down a bit, depending on the amount you use. If you have dry, flyaway ends, it’s also great. Start with a little and add to it if you need it. If you have thick hair, go for it. Latinas know their hair. You’ll be able to tell how much you need.

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Q: And for those of us who embrace our curls and want to look extra-fab?
A: Curl Shaping Mousse. Run it through damp hair and diffuse-dry. What can be beautiful and super-chic afterward is to put it up in a soft, sexy, undone way.

Q: What if we want to do something completely different?
A: Everybody wants to look great for big events like New Year’s Eve. But many times it’s a mess. It can be amazing or a disaster. My suggestion is a texture improvement, something not so drastic. With a curling iron set, use Soft Lacquer, a heat-activated spray, which is like a nail top coat with a clear shine to it. It has incredible hold and great memory; your blow-dryer’s heat softens it up. Or change a product. Play around. Experiment with something like Gold Pomade, which is like lipstick for hair. What you don’t want is cookie-cutter hair or hair that looks forced. Well done and polished, yes, but with an ease and personality to it to make it look modern and fresh. On really bad winter days, you can control your hair with accessories like rubber bands and great pins.

Q: Short hair seems to be having a moment. Elsa Pataky, Jessica Alba, Shakira … How best to rock a crop?
A: For women with short hair, pomades and gels are great to give yourself a small, shiny head with a sleek part for the holidays. With Rock Hard Gel your hair won’t move and can be really, really chic. Wear a lot of makeup, which Latinas always do!

Q&A with Oribe Canales-Photo4Q: Can men do anything?
A: It’s hard for men to be interesting but they want to look good too. Just not overdone, which looks weird, or too prepared, which looks crazy. To texturize short or long hair in two minutes, try the Gel Sérum or Fiber Groom, a dry, pasty, waxy thing that’s not greasy or creepy like Brylcreem. Right now, I think it’s nice for men to look polished and groomed, though it depends on your age. Personal style is still Number One.

Q: And for guys with longer hair?
A: Mousses work great. They add a bit of control and texture to improve finish and shine. I’m into the shine.

Q: Finally, what can we do for a quickie holiday hair pick-me-up?
A: At parties, when people are smoking, or in the daytime when there’s static electricity, refresh your hair and smooth flyaways with Côte d’Azur. It’s purse-sized and smells fabulous.

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