In case you didn’t know, you may organize your life using pizza boxes in a creative way.

I’m like my mother, I keep everything. And then on top of that, I’m a crafter—so I have lots of crafting tools: scissors, scrapbooking paper, rubber stamps, and knitting needles. I’m also a reporter, so I tend to keep lots of important newspapers.

One day I was looking at these small piles of stuff that I had collected in my craft room and decided it was time to get organized. There happened to be two pizza boxes in my kitchen from pies we’d the night before. I got an idea.


Why not organize my projects in pizza boxes? That afternoon, I ran out to my favorite pizza joint and asked the manager for a few more large pizza boxes. I offered to pay one dollar for each of them, but he insisted on giving them to me for free. Soon, I was organizing all of my rubber stamps and other items.

You can use sturdy cardboard pizza boxes to store many items, including your kids’ art work. Here’s how you can get organized in one afternoon.

So there you have it. Pizza boxes are large, durable, recyclable and you can stack them neatly in your office, craft room or any room in your house. Get your life organized in the New Year. Do it today! Have fun.

Rebecca Aguilar is a reporter and craft blogger.