According to the CDC, “Flu activity is expected to continue into the coming weeks, with increases occurring especially in those states that have not yet had significant activity.” When the weather outside is still frightful, but the novelty of the season is getting old, winter starts to lose its luster and we begin to yearn for the brightness and fun of springtime. Also, we’re starting to get sick of being sick, if we’re being honest!

Winter colds are no joke and, along with them can come with the winter blues. Since we’re pretty much over the snow, ice and germy recirculated air coming through the vents all day, we went in search of some brightness, color and extra vitamin C in the form of these orange desserts. From the bold colors to the citrus flavors (not to mention the nutritional boost to your immune system), these orange dessert recipes are the answer to the winter blahs.

1. Easy Orange Parfait
This is one of the easiest orange dessert recipes. Combining the sweet citrus of orange slices with the cool, creaminess of yogurt will give you a breakfast, snack or dessert worth having pretty much daily. Simply peel your orange and separate the slices. Split each slice in half so they’re bite-sized and then layer a parfait dish with some oranges, plain or vanilla yogurt, more oranges, another dollop of yogurt and finish with a single slice for garnish on top. So classy, simple and delicious…and healthy too!

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2. Orange Brownies
Oh yum. These brownies are made with orange extract and orange zest and are topped with an orange cream cheese frosting. Now, this may not sound like a lot of vitamin C but, in fact, the zest carries a ton of vitamins so we’re calling it good. Plus, the bright, beautiful color of these sweet treats will cheer you up in no time.


3. Orange Mulled Wine
Probably too rich to be paired with the orange brownies above, this mulled wine combo sounds amazing. You’ll simply combine a bottle of red wine with a cup or two of sugar (personal preference) on the stovetop until the sugar dissolves. Then, you’ll add the zest from one orange, a cinnamon stick, a couple of cloves, a star of anise, a couple allspice berries and five black peppercorns. Let the whole thing simmer for about ten minutes and then leave it to cool while you slice four oranges. Add your orange slices to your wine mixture and refrigerate for a few hours before serving cool but not cold. Warming, yummy and great for a winter night’s get together.


4. Almost-Famous Orange Milkshake
Remember when you were a kid and your mom would leave the can of frozen orange juice concentrate on the counter and you’d dream about opening it up and digging in with a spoon? Just us? Okay good. Well this milkshake is kind of like that, but better. The recipe serves four though so don’t think of making this when you’re home by yourself, nothing good can come from polishing off an entire can of orange juice concentrate yourself.


5. Orange Pound Cake
This is one of our fave orange dessert recipes out there. The cake itself is dense and moist but the glaze is what does it for us. And, since this cake is so healthy with all the orange zest and juice included, we’re thinking it makes a great breakfast treat, don’t you think? Cake for breakfast, count us in!


6. Orange Olive Oil Cake
We love this orange dessert. This cake uses real navel oranges so you know it’s packed with the solid nutrition that comes from the citrus of this season. You’ll also benefit from a total of one and a half cups of heart healthy olive oil! Maybe you really can have your cake and eat it too.

Photos 2, 4 & 5 courtesy of Food Network.com