Seventy percent of registered Hispanic voters said they would vote for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden if the election were held today, in a NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll. President Obama enjoys a 50-point lead among Latinos as only 20 percent of registered Hispanic voters said they would vote for Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, and Vice Presidential Candidate, Paul Ryan. President Obama also leads Mr. Romney by 50 points among likely Hispanic voters; 71 percent would vote for President Obama and 21 percent would vote for Mr. Romney.

President Obama’s lead in this monthly survey grew by 15 points since August when 63 percent of Hispanic voters said that they would vote for President Obama, while only 28 percent would vote for Mr. Romney. The August survey didn’t distinguish between registered and likely voters, however, in both polls 100 percent of respondents were from a Hispanic or Spanish-speaking background. In the September survey, 300 Latino registered voters were interviewed, and 223 likely voters were interviewed.

According to NBC News the poll was held by Republican pollster, Bill McInturff, and Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart.

Fifty-five percent think the country is “[h]eaded in the right direction,” a 15-point hike from August. Thirty-three percent think we’re “on the wrong track,” an 11-point drop from August.

Seventy-three percent said they approve of “the job Barack Obama is doing as president,” an 11-point hike from August; 24 percent disapprove with President Obama’s job as president, an 8-point drop from August.

Sixty-eight percent of Hispanics approved of President Obama’s job with the economy, a 9-point hike from August. Twenty-seven percent disapprove of President Obama’s job in handling the economy, a 9-point drop from August.

Sixty-six percent of respondents think that President Obama would do a better job than Mr. Romney, dealing with immigration issues; up by 11 points in July. Only 14 percent think Mr. Romney would better deal with immigration issues; a 2-point drop from July. It’s going to be interesting to see how these opinions are impacted in future polls as immigration wasn’t mentioned in Thursday night’s presidential debate in Denver.

These polls come after comments Mr. Romney made during a leaked video of a private fundraiser in Florida earlier this year. Mr. Romney explained why he thought Hispanic voters were a threat to the nation.