Foods-for-Sex-Drive-5-Nuts-to-Try-Now-MainPhotoUPDATED May 17th, 2018

National Pecan Day was April 14. To commemorate it we’re talking about nuts– and not just the kind that are salted or unsalted! Some believe that certain foods, including five varieties of nuts, can actually improve your sex life. As reports, when it comes to almonds, for example, they “contain zinc, selenium, and vitamin E, which are vitamins and minerals that seem to be important for sexual health and reproduction. Selenium can help with infertility issues and, with vitamin E, may help heart health. Zinc is a mineral that helps produce men’s sex hormones and can boost libido. Blood flow is important for your sex organs, so choosing good fats, such as the omega-3 fatty acids found in almonds, is a good idea.”

Foods-for-Sex-Drive-5-Nuts-to-Try-Now-photo5With that in mind, the list that follows is not your typical “oysters and red wine as aphrodisiacs” debriefing, but instead a practical guide to naturally adding a little lust in the bedroom, courtesy of some these shelled, roasted, and salted nuts. So next time you’re strolling the grocery store aisles on the hunt for good snacks, remember these guys may actually help you and your partner in the sack!

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