Designers and stylists are taking a different approach towards manicures these days. During Fashion Week this year, hands received as much attention as shoes or clothes. Nail art—in any form, from subtle to sassy and elaborate—is becoming a hot trend and even the most classic ladies are now willing to try a few of these techniques.

Although designers worked closely with nail experts to create unique designs, we can recreate these looks at home just by using a few inexpensive tools, and lots of imagination and patience. Put those hands to work (pun intended) and enjoy these awesome nail art trends.

New Trends in Nail Art-Drawing

Courtesy of Sally Hansen/CND/Butter London

The most popular way to achieve fabulous nail designs—and you’d only need fine brushes, tape, sponges or toothpicks. As far as colors and finishes go, Katie Hughes, Global Colour Ambassador at Butter LONDON tells us “it’s about clashes”: matte against shine, statement shades, black vs. white, two or more colors (opposites or, on the contrary, in the same family), etc. Remember you must have a steady hand but, if it’s too difficult, mixed and matched drawings are also a la moda.

New Trends in Nail Art-Glitter

Courtesy of CND

Texturized manicures are here to stay. It all started with fancy caviar, then elegant velvet and now we can find anything from sequins to pearls and 3D stickers. To be honest, this isn’t the easiest thing to pull off but it pays off as you will end up with eclectic, glam styles.

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A downside? Whatever you’re creating, you need to work fast (the first coat of nail polish will act as “glue,” so if it dries too quickly you won’t be able to, say, put your micro-pearls in place). Be ready to find small pieces of your manicure everywhere in the house and kiss those dirty dishes good-bye for at least a week.

New Trends in Nail Art-Textures

Courtesy of Sally Hansen/OPI

If the trends above scared you, there are still ways to effortlessly have fun with nail art. Little touches of color can spice up your manicure—think nail tips, reverse French styles, ombré or gradients, diagonal stripes… The possibilities are endless! If you prefer a more natural look, you just need one or two nail polishes to play with. “In nail art, the glitter theme will carry over with glitter tips, half-moon glitter accents and more,” adds Katie.

New Trends in Nail Art-Subtle

Courtesy of OPI/Butter London

Let’s face it—busy mamis don’t have time for complicated nail art. To update your look, switch to a one-tone manicure and add some dimension with vibrant finishes or creamy styles.

According to Katie Hughes, “there were lots of pale pastels during Fashion Week. We’re really going to see a strong pastel story next spring with bright, fun and feminine shades.  Look out for a major nude trend—a true foundation nail.  Until then we will be seeing lots of shine for the holidays, glitter and glam.”

Last but not least, don’t forget timeless hues such as wine, red, plum, burgundy and even blue, purple, chocolate and black. These colors are great for fall/winter.
Nail art and manicures can be as easy or as fancy as you want. Whether you choose a plain Jane color or opt for a daring, scandalous design, here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Plan ahead and set aside at least two hours to do your nails (it could be while you’re glamming up for a date night). Don’t rush it!
  • Unexpected tools can create fabulous drawings—old lip brushes, wooden sticks, cotton swabs, tweezers, markers, etc.
  • Practice on paper beforehand.
  • Always finish off with transparent top coat. This will protect your design.

New Trends in Nail Art-Polish Recommendations

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