Digital-Control-5-Great-Habits-App-Ideas-to-Help-You-Break-the-Bad-Ones-MainPhotoClinical and consulting psychologist at Harvard and author of The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age, Catharine Steiner Adair, Ph.D.says, “One of the many things that absolutely knocked my socks off, was the consistency with which children—whether they were 4 or 8 or 18 or 24—talked about feeling exhausted and frustrated and sad or mad trying to get their parents’ attention, competing with computer screens or iPhone screens or any kind of technology, much like in therapy you hear kids talk about sibling rivalry.” We obviously want to be the best parents we can, so we’re working on becoming less distracted by our gadgets. To help you get on board too, we’re laying out 10 signs you are suffering from technology overload.