Reverse Psychology and Other Awesome Parenting Hacks-MainPhoto


When it comes to your kids’ behavior, or more often their misbehavior, here’s a little tip: praise the good and ignore the bad. If your child does something amazing, whether it is something you asked them to do or something they decided on their own, reward them with praise and show your appreciation. When they do something wrong, if it is minor, just ignore it. According to Psych Central, Giving them attention, even if it is negative attention, is just what they want. Simply ignore their actions and move on. Eventually they’ll take the hint and stop, and you won’t even have to raise your voice.

If your kids have a hard time completing tasks on time (think brushing their teeth, getting dressed, loading up the car…) then bring a timer with you, or use the timer on your phone. Give them a 10 minute warning, a 5 minute warning, a 1 minute warning…and then when it’s time to get to business, put the timer on so they know exactly how long they have to get their job done. Kids work much more efficiently when it feels like a race and they want to beat the buzzer.