15 Games You Can Play at a Musuem-MainPhoto

15 Games you can Play at a Musuem-Photo4

4. Art Collector. For every room visited, have the children write down the name of their favorite painting or exhibit from that room. Then, at the end of your tour go to the gift shop and have the kids try to collect postcards of the paintings or exhibits they chose.

5. Secret Painting. This game is similar to 20 Questions. One player chooses a painting or exhibit in the museum but does not tell the others which it is. The other kids take turns asking Yes or No questions to get clues about what it is.

6. Build a Rainbow. In each room, players compete to find every color in the rainbow. Players can only find one color for painting or exhibit and cannot choose the same examples as someone else. The first player to find all the colors of the rainbow for that room is the winner. The game starts over in the next room.

7. Doppelganger. As you move through the galleries and exhibit areas, challenge the kids to find portraits that look like people they know.