Moving Tips for Expectant Moms-MainPhoto

Moving Tips for Expectant Moms-MainPhoto

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family, or have recently had a baby, coordinating a move can be especially complicated. Here are some tips to help expectant moms manage it all during a move.

  1. The #1 tip – don’t even think about moving it yourself! Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, or how recently your child has been born, it really is important not to overexert yourself. Hire a moving company such as FlatRate Moving, one of the country’s most trusted moving companies.

  2. Bring something to sit on. All of your stuff is packed away in a truck… remember? Since you’re not doing any heavy lifting, bring something to sit on so you can rest while the truck is being loaded and unloaded. You can help by directing the movers from your seated position. And don’t forget to keep your feet propped up too.

  3. Don’t forget healthy snacks. You may not have easy access to a kitchen or refrigeration so find some easy way to transport snacks that you can keep in your bag! Pack healthy snacks to help keep you energized throughout the day. Make sure you also have plenty of water available so you can stay hydrated as well. Don’t assume that you will be able to get snacks or water easily along the way so prepare these a few days in advance.

  4. Rest, rest, rest! Take breaks throughout the day and if possible, try to include a few power naps. Getting run down or pushing yourself too much isn’t helpful to anyone.

  5. Organize as they unload. Remember – you’re the organizational maven of this move! As your belongings are being unloaded, direct the movers to the specific rooms or areas of the house that those boxes belong. Sorting items into the right room as the move is happening makes unpacking much easier.

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  1. Consider services before you move. Does baby’s room need to be painted? Do you plan on installing new kitchen counters? Try to have all of these services completed before you settle into your new home. This will help reduce potential exposure to harmful toxins in stains or paints and allow for clean up before your belongings end up covered in dust or dirt. It will also help you avoid moving items more than once if you don’t have to move items in and out of rooms to complete projects.

  2. Keep it clean. When purchasing cleaning supplies for your new home, remember to buy non-toxic, baby/mommy-friendly products to keep both you and your little one safe. If certain elements cannot be avoided, make sure to have someone else use them, go somewhere else during the time they’re being applied and keep all areas well ventilated so that chemicals will be as minimal as possible upon your return.

  3. Dress for the weather. Be sure to dress appropriately to keep yourself cool or warm (depending on weather). Wear loose, comfortable, breathable clothing, and make sure that you’re wearing appropriate footwear to prevent slips, trips and falls.

  4. Prioritize unpacking. Depending on how far along you are, have a game plan for what must be unpacked, and what can wait. If your due date is approaching, there may not be enough time to completely unpack before the baby comes, so prioritize what’s most important, and work your way through everything else later.

  5. Call the doctor (and the hospital!). If you’re moving far enough away that you have to get a new doctor or plan to give birth at a new hospital, be sure to have that sorted out before the move. Many hospitals offer pre-registration and you should be able to get everything sorted before you arrive. Keep any documents pertaining to this with you at all times during the move. Also, make sure to have a list of places you can stop in case of emergencies along the way – better to play it safe.