Mother's Day Brunch Ideas & Sparkling Coco Water-MainPhoto

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas & Sparkling Coco Water-MainPhoto
I make it no secret mi madre is my best friend. I suspect it may be the same for you, but mine is on a level many think is a bit over the top. It would only make sense our relationship is so conjoined…we’re both super intense women and go-getters to the max. Sometimes I wonder where my 4’11” mother musters the energy to do the things she does. It’s always all about everyone else around her. Seldom does she protect her own feelings.

Her natural I can do it all if you just let me essence invites a lot of opportunities for me and my siblings (and Papi, too) to celebrate her and really show her how incredibly awesome she is. Mother’s day is right around the corner and we’re doing it up over at Casa Herrera.

Our family tradition has evolved into a well-thought out Mother’s Day brunch feast where Mami has absolutely nothing to do but show up to her own backyard patio and be pampered. Between the six of us, everything’s covered. 

If you’re scratching your head pondering fun ideas to demonstrate your affection for your madre, I invite you to consider a robust, al fresco (weather permitting) brunch your entire familia can relish. It’s simple. The key is to get everyone involved!

Here are some quick steps for creating a beautiful and memorable brunch for Mami!

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Don’t make it a surprise! Just tell her. That way, she’ll know not to get anxious about what to do for everyone else on her day. 

Take it Outside. If your weather permits, host the gathering outdoors. An al fresco brunch is automatically more inviting and definitely more relaxing.

Find out her seven favorite dishes, including desserts. You’re going to want to serve up her favorite plates to nosh on. 

Send a nice email to all family members (siblings, dad, nearby cousins, etc…). Let them know of the brunch and your request for them to contribute one of the dishes Mami has already identified. Delegating is crucial. It will obviously alleviate you of all the tasks and more importantly, it adds a lovely mire poix of interpretations of her beloved foods. 

Stage a themed afternoon based on her tastes. If she loves flowers, go all out on spring varieties. A great gesture is to garnish the foods with micro edible flowers. Another fun idea is to deck the flatware in linen napkins, tied off with colorful flowers and ribbon. It adds an incredibly fresh touch to the table. I personally love to fill vintage or recyclable jars with fresh garden-cut flowers.

Make one to two new dishes you think she may enjoy. You already know she’s going to love the things she told you about. Try something new and introduce her to different ideas. Something you love and are great atcooking is great place to start!

Always serve a vibrant punch! This just keeps the party going. It’s funny how a really good drink will make for a great fiesta, no matter how big or small, intimate or public. Nothing like a refrescante drink to keep the palate clean, making room for more food!

Treat your Mami this Mother’s Day to a delicious feast that speaks for itself! Food cooked from the soul and out of sheer love is always the best gift. 

Herrera-Mother’s Day: Brunch Ideas & Sparkling Coco Water-Photo2Enjoy this sparkling coco water with strawberry drink that will surely fill everyone’s glass several times.

Serves: 12

1.5 liters ICE coconut sparkling water (or similar)
1.5 liters ginger ale
10 strawberries, divided, sliced

In large pitcher, combine coconut water and ginger ale. Stir well. Add 1 cup sliced strawberries. Garnish each chilled glass with one full strawberry on the rim. Pour punch over iced glass.