contributor Mónica Olivera is one of the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) awards nominees, as her Mommy Maestra blog is up for Best Latin@ Education Blogger. Mommy Maestra is a site for Latino families who are homeschooling and where Mónica provides information, tips and resources to help educate children and make them proud ambassadors of their Hispanic culture.

She is also the founder of Latin Baby, an online boutique, and the Latin Baby Club, which is the go-to site for lovers of literature for Latino children.

The proud mami of two children, Mónica’s successful websites are the result of her passion for education. When she relocated from Texas to rural North Carolina a few years ago, she and her husband realized they didn’t want to send their children, now 5 and 7, to the failing school district in which they now live.

Mónica, a sixth generation Mexican American took it upon herself to home school her children. When she researched resources for parents like herself, she did not find any and so, she created her own hub for Latino Families.

Asked how homeschooling can be combined with being a successful blogger, Mónica replies: “I don´t sleep! Actually, most of my work does happen after the kids go to bed.

Mónica’s mission is to help other families see education as an important tool and a right, as well as a long-term commitment.

About the possibility of winning the Latism Award in her category, Mónica says: “It is such a great feeling to get validation in your life that shows your hard work is appreciated. I think that simply being nominated has inspired me to continue fighting for the education of our children, and makes me hopeful that more and more parents realize the value of getting involved in their children’s education.”

Inspirational quotes from Monica’s Mommy Maestra Blog:

I believe that social media and mobile technology are powerful tools for spreading awareness and doing good.

EVERY child deserves the chance to succeed. Doesn’t matter what language they speak, where their parents came from, where they live, or how their name is pronounced.

The best part of living is learning something new about the things of which we are passionate. Sometimes we just need a little help connecting it all together.

Lorraine C. Ladish is the bilingual published author of 16 books and the blogs Success Diaries and Diario del Éxito. She is also an expert Latina Mom.