This past week, I was crazy enough to travel with the kids to California “one-last-time.” This was the first instance when I traveled with all three children, one of them a baby, plus all the stuff a mom must carry to do so successfully. While I’ve flown with the two eldest numerous times, doing it with three kids is definitely an adventure. So if you’re wondering how to travel alone with your kids, here’s a look at how I do it, without going nuts or losing one of them!

For this trip, I brought along two strollers, an infant car seat (my parents have seats for the other two kids), three checked bags, two backpacks, a carry-on with toys and one tote bag with pillows and sweatshirts for the plane.  It was a lot to carry, I know, but the kids pitched in and we made it just fine.

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Laura Fuentes Travel

Laura Fuentes and the gang on the move.

If you are wondering how you’d manage two strollers, the answer is to push one and pull the other. There are also hooks on the double stroller that held the toy carry-on and the soft tote.

I carried the heavy backpack with all the electronics, and the other one was light as it included a change of clothes for everyone and all the diaper bag necessities.

Sofia and Alex, my eldest, are pros at the whole security point thing and know exactly what to do.  It has taken a lot of practice that included a few trips from hell; but now it’ relatively easy and I’m able to “keep it together” —or at least look like I am.

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