5. Relax your body.
Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western medicine all agree that tension blocks the free flow of energy throughout the body. In other words—if your body is stressed then telepathy won’t work. In fact, a lot of things won’t work. You function best when you’re relaxed so make de-stressing a top priority.

6. Relax your mind.
In addition to being physically relaxed, you must be mentally clear and calm if you plan to achieve anything, let alone practicing a few mind reading tricks. Especially since you are trying to open your mind to someone else. If you haven’t already tried it, this would be a great time to practice meditation or yoga.

7. Picture it.
You can’t just think of words, you have to visualize the message you are transmitting. Also, try to consciously open your mind to receiving messages in picture form. Our brains don’t simply process words and numbers, they digest pictures and they respond to visual stimulation. Think of it like this—when you imagine a loved one, you don’t just see letters spelling a name, you see their face. Do the same thing here, picture the message you want to share or want to receive.