What if you wanted fresh tortillas at home, and with very little notice, but you didn’t want the hassle or effort that usually goes into cooking them and you weren’t really prepared to make a massive batch of dough. What would you do? Well, if you had a Flatev, you’d simply insert a single-serving pod of dough, hit one button and voila—tortilla heaven! That’s right, there’s an artisan tortilla maker that whips up fresh tortillas on demand with the click of a button. Think of the Flatev as a Keurig one-cup coffee machine, but for tortillas. You can choose from several types of dough, ranging from corn to flour to garlic, and the expert baking system takes all of the guess work out and makes you a perfect tortilla instantly. Flatev isn’t available for purchase yet, but you can reserve one today on their website. The company raised $136,165 on their Kickstarter campaign and they are currently in the production phase of the project. While the machine is going for an “early bird price” of $199, eventually it will retail for $437, and delivery is expected in 2017, according to the brand’s campaign page. Stay tuned for more on this one, but we’re really excited to see what Flatev is all about.

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