And yet for some, the Med-diet is how our grandparents used to eat, and for others, it may sound like a less familiar concept. Adding some Mediterranean flavors to your diet doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, with just a few tweaks here and there you will feel like you are living la dolce vita. Here’s how:

Use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter or margarine.
• Minimize or eliminate red meat; eat fish or poultry.
• Incorporate more legumes, beans, nuts, and seeds.
• Use fresh herbs and spices.
• Avoid and/or eliminate refined sugars, trans and saturated fats, and processed foods.
• Increase (no limit) the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.
• If your doctor agrees, have one glass of red wine with dinner.
• Exercise daily. No, you don’t need to go crazy with it, just 20-30 minutes walk daily may do the trick.
• Gather with your loved ones, have fun, read a good book, walk barefoot, enjoy some time outdoors, take some time off from your mobile and social media, take time to disconnect and connect within.

And like Mark Bittman, columnist for The New York Times Dining section, said in regards to the Mediterranean Diet: “This is hardly a sacrifice. Think about a frittata, a pasta dish with more vegetables, simply prepared fish and a reliance on legumes.”