12. Talk about It
Raise your child’s awareness of just about anything through conversation. In a kind and compassionate way, talk to them about the world they are observing around them. Talk about being aware of and grateful for the present moment.

13. Take a Break
In your child’s presence, visibly and audibly disengage from a task and connect to the present moment, think on it, smile and breathe. This will benefit you as much as them and make you a calmer and more patient parent.

14. Change the Channel
Teach them the idea of tuning in as a concept of  “changing the channel.” You can use the TV remote control metaphor, explaining how it changes the station from one program to another just as we can shift into a mindfulness channel every now and then.

15. Mind Your Words
Try to cue your toddler by introducing mindfulness moments the same way each time. You can even come up with a mantra, a phrase that you repeat, like “ohm” or “peace” or “love”, to get into a more mindful state of mind.