8. Body and Mind
After they pay close attention to the world around them, direct them to the world right there—their body. Guide the child to notice how his body moves as he walks, what work his legs do, what happens to his arms as he moves. This is the basis of a walking meditation.

9. Open-Eyed Meditation for Kids
You might say that open-eyed and moving meditations are appropriate for younger children, who are still integrating the world around them with their inner world. Transcendental Meditation even has a special technique called Maharishi Word of Wisdom Technique, which is practiced with open eyes during a habitual activity and is thought to really benefit kids.

10. Your Routine
Parents who have a mindfulness practice themselves, be it meditation, yoga or chanting, will have an easier time introducing these concepts to their children who will likely want to be just like Mom or Dad.

11. Classes
Seek out a kids’ yoga class or pick a school or day care that incorporates mindfulness practices so that the ideas of consciousness and awareness are reinforced outside of the home.