3. Steam Release
Tantrums are not uncommon during the toddler years. Meditation for kids is a great tool for preventing them. We know it’s easier said than done, but next time a tantrum seems to be brewing, try to consciously use the deep breath method to deter it in its earliest stages. Take a deep breath together when the frustration begins to mount, staying patient and returning to this technique with the goal of making it a lifestyle practice. You’ll both benefit.

4. Recovering from the Explosion
Once the tantrum is in full swing, it will likely be too late to get the child to breathe deeply. A bear hug at that point can help bring tempers back to the deep breathing stage.

5. Guided Meditation for Kids
Play the quiet game…but with a point. Agree to hold silence together for the duration of a 2 to 5 minute timer. At the end describe 5 sounds you heard during the silence. This will naturally invite your toddler to tune in and practice awareness in a language that she can understand.

6. See to Be
Hold your silent meditation as a guided visualization, and prompt your toddler to describe 5 thoughts (pictures in their head) they had during the quiet time.

7. Moving Meditation
Try to notice something unusual in a usual activity. Walk the same path you always do, but point out a shapely tree branch, a squirrel, fruit on a tree, a building being repaired. Ask your child to really focus on the details and to come up with a story about it.