MYTH: Chocolate Causes Acne

BUST: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got good news for you all: It is not true! How did a bogus rumor like this get started in the first place? Perhaps because chocolate is often linked to fat and sugar content. But remember, not all chocolate is created equal. (By now, we’ve all heard about the benefits of a little dark chocolate and how it can help lower blood pressure.)

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Doctors have found that the link between chocolate intake and acne outbreaks has been broken. A different study, however, showed that stress—and not chocolate—is responsible for causing outbreaks. Isn’t stress one of the reasons why people overdo on chocolate? (Surely, I’m not the only one who reaches for the dark delicacy when stressed?)

Acne is not a function of age either. Yes, it is more common in adolescents, but women in their late 40s can still experience outbreaks. (Yes, really. And no, not funny.)

How It All Starts: Acne forms when the oil glands produce too much sebum, a waxy element that along with dead skin cells clog pores. When bacteria grows and irritate the blocked pore, it results in that red, swollen growth otherwise known as acne.

What to do? Well, don’t scrub it off. In fact, too much harsh washing can actually make it worse. Modern medicine has many tools to combat and control acne these days. Birth control pills is one of them, since it affects the hormonal cycles. I can vouch for that one, but don’t tell that to GOP legislators.