Mayra Rosales
31, is fat. She’s really, really fat. She’s 1,100 pounds and bedridden because of how fat she is. Rosales is the focus of the “Half-ton Killer,” a special airing on TLC. Rosales was accused of the March 2008 killing her two-year old nephew, Eliseo Jr.

Rosales is one of the heaviest people on record. John Brower Minnoch, who was born in 1941 and died in 1983 was a little heavier: 1,400 pounds.

When the cops accused Rosales of killing her nephew, she claimed it was an accident. She crushed him to death with her weight when she rolled over. It was a good story, but it didn’t match the medical examiner’s findings. The little boy had been beat, and that his death came from being hit.

Rosales confessed. She said her sister beat the boy with a hairbrush. Rosales wanted to protect her sister because she didn’t want her to go to jail. She had other kids and Rosales didn’t want them to grow up without a mom.

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In the TLC special, something right out of a carnival act, Rosales reenacts her story of how she rolled over little Eliseo. Her massive body moves slowly. She was almost bedridden. Prosecutors knew she was just too fat to kill. Her fatness was her best defense.


It took months to find a courtroom large enough to accommodate Rosales. Doors and walls had to be removed to make way for her. When Rosales finally came clean she said, ‘We were all trying to cover for my sister. There was abuse from her towards her son. She yelled at him. She kicked him. On that night Junior didn’t want to eat and she got frustrated and she hit him on the head with a hairbrush. I thought I was dying anyway so I decided to admit that I’d done it to protect my sister because I love her.’

After the trial Rosales had to go to a home for the super-obese where she now lives. Doctors have removed pounds of fat and fluid from her body, but they say that after 12 weeks in the hospital, she still has years of treatment ahead. What is your take on this? Did you watch the TLC special?