is proud to announce the launch of Mamiverse Jobs, a major initiative to provide information on available jobs from around the country, create career service content, and employer access through virtual job fairs and social media driven events. In partnership with JobTarget, the largest operator of niche job boards in the world, and the SocialMoms Network, a pioneering company known for integrating social media with the needs of online moms, Mamiverse Jobs will supply the Latino community with a tangible path toward career achievement.

“Latina moms drive the employment discussion in every household, both for themselves and those they love,” says Mamiverse CEO Rene Alegria. “Mamiverse Jobs will connect job seekers with an array of career options on a massive scale, as well as connect employers with millions of talented Latino applicants. Our aim is to cultivate the self-empowerment inherent in landing your dream job, for every Latino in America.”

It has been widely noted that the Hispanic community was the hardest hit during the most recent recession. A new study by the Urban Institute reported that between 2007 and 2010, Hispanic families lost 44% of their average wealth, compared to a 31% loss for African-Americans and an 11% decline for Whites.

“Employers recognize that today a diverse workforce creates a competitive advantage,” said Niraj Kataria, Director of Diversity Solutions at JobTarget.  “We are pleased to partner with Mamiverse to create a channel for employers to reach talented and diverse Latina candidates,” he added.

In addition to posting thousands of available employment opportunities, Mamiverse Jobs will create ancillary content that will explore a wide range of topics for those embarking on a job search or career change. Both through written and video content, Mamiverse Jobs will work with high-profile experts on each of their fields of expertise, establishing a network of career-informed Latinos, whose aim is to bring about professional success for themselves and their families.

Mamiverse and SocialMoms share a deep commitment to the personal growth and development of women, and we couldn’t be more excited to support the Mamiverse Jobs initiative,” said Megan Calhoun, founder and CEO of the SocialMoms Network.

Mamiverse Jobs-focused social media events will be conducted with the SocialMoms Network. Through these monthly gatherings on Facebook and Twitter, Latinos will come together to exchange tips, leads, and find the supportive network of digital mentorship required to attain any career goal.

“As a mom who was hit by unemployment during the recession, I am thrilled that Mamiverse is launching a Job Board to help others who may be in the situation I found myself in back in 2008. It strikes a chord and I can’t wait to better serve our readers with this powerful tool,” said Lorraine C. Ladish, Mamiverse Editor-in-Chief.