Colonics are bad for you.

REALITY: While some fear the colonic like the plague and others swear by it, the fact remains that your intestine is a 19-foot tube that likely never gets a thorough cleaning from the inside. This is especially true for those among us who aren’t “regular.”  With that in mind—and only if you can really handle the tube in your bum—consider colonic hydrotherapy treatment once a year.

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(Doctors and alternative medical practitioners agree that it certainly has to be done with very mindful moderation, so no need to make it a monthly routine.)  An annual colonic can be an effective way to cleanse from the inside out, by gently (it is only water, after all) removing harmful, bacteria-causing matter that can build up over time and eventually absorb into the bloodstream. Just make sure you consume probiotics (such as acidophilus or yogurt, which contains live cultures) to replace the “good” bacteria that may also wash out during treatment.