Lastly, you need to think about your top crust as well. While the bottom crust might be the foundation for a perfect pie, the top crust is all about presentation and about sealing in the delicious flavor from your filling. Leave it to kitchen guru Martha Stewart to come up with tons of decorative ways to top off your pie. You can use a traditional single crust with cutouts, a lattice crust, or a crumble topping. If you’re going with a traditional dough for your top crust (in other words, not a crumble topping) then there’s one more important step you cannot and should not skip. If you want a golden crust that makes people drool, you need to apply a glaze. According to The Kitchn, “getting a golden color on a pie crust usually doesn’t have to do with the crust itself—it’s what you brush on top. From milk to egg yolks, the sugars and proteins in the glaze will caramelize before the crust itself, giving the pie extra color and a burnished look.”

Ok, so now you’re ready to make the perfect pie with the perfect piecrust. Pick a recipe and filling that speaks to you, and let the baking fun begin. Soon your guests will be shouting: “all hail the dessert queen!” You’re welcome for that.