Most of us could use a little extra cash, but few of us moms—working, stay-at-home or work-at-home—have the time to take on a part-time job with fixed hours. Here are some fun, innovative ways to bring in more income, without having to flip a single burger!

For those looking to pick up work as a virtual assistant, there are many sites on the web to choose from. oDesk,, Guru, and Task Army are just some of the sites that put people to work. No matter the site, you can expect to find gigs performing a variety of tasks such as data entry, email response, phone reception, online research, scheduling, and more. The work may not always be glamorous, but it’s a way to supplement your family’s income while providing flexibility.

Once you sign up, potential employers are able to look at your application to check whether your qualifications and experience fit what they are looking for. While some are looking to hire people sporadically, say for a specific project, once you are hired you never know whether that person may use you in the future. Be sure to do top-notch work and they may give you more opportunities down the road. Think of it from their perspective: It’s easier for them to keep someone they’ve already worked with and like, versus taking the time and energy to retrain new person. 

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Innovative & Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money-AppsAPPLY FOR WORK
Looking for part-time or contract work? Be a part of a mobile workforce. Now the chore of applying for a job has become easier. Savvy job seekers can now turn to their phones to find work.

To help you cut through the digital job board clutter, I researched some apps that put people to work. Jingit is a newer income app on the scene that pays you to look at ads online. Users are able to earn money simply by downloading the app, shopping at Walmart, or by answering some questions about their buying habits. There is a one-time fee of $3 to purchase the Jingit debit card, which you must use in order to earn money. It also limits your earnings to $15 a week.

Gigwalk and Field Agent are just two of the application softwares available that hire people to do market research. Once you apply, an algorithm configures who is the best match for the assignment. Tasks may include taking photos of products or administering consumer surveys.

Innovative & Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money-AppsTaking up space—in your driveway, that is can now earn you money. If you have an extra parking space in your driveway, consider renting it out. If you live close to a metropolitan area where you drop big bucks just to park, the Parking Panda app allows you to list and rent your driveway.

Many times we take our talent for granted. If you happen to be a really good baker or know how to sew, or have other marketable skills, consider teaching a class. Local recreation centers can be the perfect place to get your feet wet. Look at what your town has to offer and brainstorm how you can bring something new and different to its programs. 

If you want to practice first for free, look into churches, Girl or Boy Scout troops, local libraries, or non-profits. I once took a yoga class free at the library—the woman teaching it offered it for free as a way to drum up business for paid classes she offered in the evenings.

I recently caught up with the financial expert Jean Chatzky of the Today Show to gain more insight about creative ways to earn a few extra bucks. She shares ideas for making extra money with the Mamiverse community on the following podcast.

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