10 Ways to Serve Macaroons at your Next Event-SliderPhoto


UPDATED June 17th, 2017 

Catherine De Medici is said to have brought the macaron to France when she married Henry II. True or not, the French have embraced these airy confections and made them synonymous with fine dining everywhere. There is a difference between French macarons and Italian macaroons. Macaroons chewy mounds of sweet coconut and almond paste. You can almost feel cavities eating into your teeth as you bite down. Macarons are equally sweet, but they are two meringue-like cookies held together by a rich filling.
So on May 31, celebrate Macaroon Day with the cookie of your choice and sink your teeth into these sugary confections with a cup of tea or maybe a dry white wine. As you indulge, think of these 10 ways to serve macaroons as inspiration for your next big event.