FOX-Longoria-in-Praise-of-Devious-Maids-MainPhotoFOX News Latino Hispanic HeritageDespite recently earning her master’s degree in Chicano studies, Eva Longoria said she doesn’t consider herself an “authority” on Latinos.

But it appears some in Hollywood feel otherwise.

With the television premiere of “Devious Maids” just days away, Longoria revealed why the show’s creator Marc Cherry wanted her on board as a sort of producing mentor.

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“I’m not the authority of Latinos, but I definitely have a perspective that Marc respects,” Longoria said in an interview with E! News. “I’m a very big advocate in my community and so I’m happy to contribute in that way.”

With regards to the storyline, Longoria “always wanted to make sure that the girls are the moral compass of the show and that they’re really the heroes. And you’ll see that throughout the season.”

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