When I lead [self-acceptance] workshops, I often give participants a series of prompts that I call Three Small Questions. The catch is that they aren’t small questions at all.  They are often big questions but what I want from them is short, simple, one sentence, direct answers. I ask the questions, and my students have about 30 seconds to furiously write down each answer.

Then, I tell them, they must ask themselves these three same questions every day for the next week. Why?  They ask. And here is what I tell them.

These questions are a simple crucible for you. If what is challenging you on Day 1 on which you ask is still challenging you on Day 7 but it is controllable and addressable in one day or several, then the question becomes: why are you letting this challenge still defeat you?

It’s the same thing for “What do I need right now more than anything else?”  If you answer sleep on day one and then still the answer is sleep on day 6, then the question becomes: why aren’t you addressing a need that you really can meet right now? Why aren’t you giving yourself what you’ve asked for? Would you ever deny that need to someone else in your life?

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Today:  I want to challenge you to answer these three small questions for yourself.  Then ask yourself these questions every day for the next week. You can do them on paper or you can ask yourself these questions while you are in the shower, driving to work, during savasana in yoga class or while you drink your coffee. The key is to delight yourself with your surprises and to increase your mindfulness and self-awareness.

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