LazyTown Entertainment, the ironically-named provider of health-inspired multi-media programming for kids, has just launched a new portal app for iOS, so kids and parents can tune into LazyTown content from their computers, mobile phones and other portable devices.

Don’t let the name fool you. LazyTown’s creator and star, Magnus Scheving, plays Sportacus, a hero in the virtual world of LazyTown. Sportacus is a healthy role model for LazyTown’s kids, who are struggling to create their own identities and make their way through the challenges of poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, and lack of self-esteem. His nemesis, Robbie Rotten, “the world’s laziest super-villain,” seeks to foil Sportacus’ efforts to engage LazyTown’s kids in healthy eating, fitness and character-building lessons. (Hint: Sportacus always wins!)

Founded in 1992 by Scheving, LazyTown was originally a live stage show in Scheving’s native Iceland, and was then parlayed into a popular television series. A 2003 partnership with Nickelodeon helped bring LazyTown to the world, where it is currently broadcast in 128 countries. A Spanish-language version of LazyTown runs on Telemundo. The LazyTown brand features endorsed food and drink products for kids that meet the LazyTown criteria for healthfulness, which includes limits on calories, sugar, salt, fat, preservatives and additives. The brand also markets toys, clothing, books and other multimedia products.

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By staying true to Scheving’s founding vision of providing healthy, fun, and empowering entertainment for children, LazyTown has kept its brand integrity, and become a trusted name for parents who want to make sure their kids are getting positive messages while online, watching TV or playing with Mom’s iPhone.

The new LazyTown app, created in partnership with app developers Startal and available for free at Apple’s App Store, provides a digital portal for parents and kids to access a variety of free and paid LazyTown content, from TV episodes to social media to wallpaper and ringtones.