When it comes to stacking rings and bangles, metallic tattoos make it easy to really have fun and experiment. You can finally place rings anywhere you want on your fingers—above or below the knuckle—without worrying about losing them. If you love the look of an upper arm bangle but don’t want to accentuate any extra flesh (It’s okay, we all have it!) tattoos give you all the bling without pinching or binding. They’re also great for dressing up a watch without getting caught in the links.

And don’t forget the tattoo aspect of jewelry tattoos. You’re no longer confined to the traditional jewelry trends like rings, bracelets or necklaces. Embrace upscale body art and experiment with a gilded design in an unexpected place. The originals are still the best so check out Flash Tattoos and LuLu DK to stock up on the gorgeousness and get some expert layering inspiration.